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Ep 212. The Three P's that Impede Progress with guest Dawn Calvinisti

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Jan 04, 2024

If you are someone who is passionate about crushing your bold goals this year, this episode of our Bold Goal Crusher podcast is for you. This week, I had the chance to talk to my guest and friend, Dawn Calvinisti, who has successfully built her business to multiple six figures. Interestingly, she achieved her success by navigating her way through three P's – People pleasing, perfectionism, and procrastination. 

Dawn and I talked about how often people set goals based on outside influences, guided by the desire to meet other’s expectations and to fit certain societal molds, thereby falling into the trap of people-pleasing. We shed light on how perfectionism, although it contributes to delivering high-quality results, can significantly slow or even halt progress when not managed correctly.  

Interestingly, we see procrastination often stemming from people-pleasing and perfectionism. Feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable can lead to stalling or complete inaction. It's essential to get to the root of it - is there a fear holding you back? Are you worried about other people's opinions? 

To move past these three P's, it starts with asking probing questions to oneself. A little self-honesty can go a long way. What fears and discomforts are holding you back? Is the desire for perfection hindering your progress? Are you stalling because of potential judgment from others? 

Dawn believes that one must genuinely open up to other people and share their goals or dreams to start receiving help and achieving progress. Holding back from saying what you want, or keeping it a secret due to fear of judgment or ridicule, only hinders your progress and limits your access to resources. 

During the conversation, we also emphasized the importance of allowing time for reflection before setting goals, ensuring that the objectives are attainable and aligned with personal preferences rather than being influenced by external pressures. 

No doubt, this is a great time of year for goal-setting. However, it's crucial to be compassionate with oneself and value who you are irrespective of the goals you set. Setting enormous goals or resolutions without considering your capabilities or preferences isn't beneficial. Instead, it's healthier and more achievable to set modest, doable goals that excite and motivate you.  

All in all, it was a fruitful and insightful conversation with Dawn Calvinisti. Her successful journey through the three P’s - People pleasing, perfectionism, and procrastination - made it an inspiring episode. Remember, whether you want to go big or choose something smaller, it’s your choice to make. The key is to get excited, take action, and start making your dream a reality. 

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Until then, remember - it's time to start boldly achieving your goals, without working double time! 

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Connect with Dawn:

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