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Ep 220 A Hack to More Time and Energy for Your Goals, That No One is Talking About with Guest Brenda Schmidt

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Feb 15, 2024


Welcome to the bold Goal Crusher Podcast! We're here for anyone looking to stop letting life get in the way, and instead, start crushing bold goals. In this episode, our host Sara Mayer chats with her guest, Brenda Schmidt, a woman who coaches women in entrepreneurial families with her unique method. They discuss the importance of systemizing household duties, the value of outsourcing, and the concept of using ‘script objects’ and achieving goals.  


Meet Brenda Schmidt  

Brenda coaches women in entrepreneurial families using her kick-ass modern mom method. By teaching them to build their own circle of support around them with household outsourcing and family systems, Brenda helps these women focus on their unique zone of genius in their businesses, homes, and relationships. Brenda's method seeks to empower women, allowing them to make more meaningful memories with their families. Living in Arizona with her husband, three kids, dogs, and guinea pigs, Brenda spends her free time pursuing new and exciting hobbies like unicycling and paddleboarding. 


The Power of Teamwork and the ‘Script Object’ 

One of the key points Brenda and Sara discuss is the idea of a script object, something that encapsulates the teamwork and systems they both advocate. Script Objects can represent each paragraph in the script of their daily life, systematically delegating tasks and roles. They believe in enriching their lives by investing time in unique hobbies and adventures, all the while ensuring the routine tasks of daily family life are efficiently handled through effective systems and outsourcing. 


Outsourcing: The Uncelebrated Hack  

Brenda is a prime advocate for outsourcing. She outsources a variety of tasks, from laundry to meal preparation. This mechanism allows her to focus on her goals and hobbies. Brenda is a firm believer that outsourcing doesn't mean you're shirking responsibilities. Instead, it means you're wisely delegating tasks to focus on more important ones.  

She discusses the importance of surrounding ourselves with those who support and cheer us on. By doing that, we create a collaboration system that not only strengthens familial ties but also frees us from menial tasks, allowing us to focus on things that truly matter. 


The Impact of Outsourcing and Systems 

Brenda and Sara stress the impact outsourcing could have on our lives. They believe it helps us grow as individuals, shape us as better parents, and contribute constructively to society. Brenda's confessional about her growing-up years, her experiences with her parents, and her own journey as a parent drives home the importance of building a village and creating effective systems. 



The conversation between Brenda and Sara is an inspirational guide to approaching life not as a lone wolf, but as part of a community that works towards achieving personal and shared goals. They encourage everyone, especially mothers in entrepreneurial families, to embrace outsourcing and establish effective systems in the household - not just to ease the burden of daily chores but also to create a supportive and enthusiastic environment that nurtures growth and goal achievement.  


This conversation between Brenda Schmidt and Sara Mayer is a powerful testament to the value of effective delegation, systemizing tasks, and outsourcing as necessary in order to focus on what truly matters in life – forging relationships, pursuing passions, and achieving personal goals. No matter how detailed or complex our daily life may seem, effective systemizing can ensure every task is accomplished – enabling us to reach the next level in our goals and dreams. 

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