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EP 224 The Transformative Power of Reiki for Growth & Well Being with Guest Lisa Brandis

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Feb 15, 2024


Welcome to the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast, a space for anyone looking to stop letting life get in the way and start crushing bold goals. I'm your host, Sara Mayer, and I'm thrilled to navigate this journey with you because it's time to start boldly achieving without working double time. Today's episode is particularly ideal for the month of February, as we explore the transformative power of intuition and Reiki practice for personal growth and overall wellbeing. Joining us on the show is Lisa Brandis, a trailblazer in the realm of energy healing and the founder of Intuitive Reiki International. 


Chapter 1: The Power of Reiki in February 

As we navigate the month of February, many of us experience a sense of exhaustion or feeling drained. Lisa and I discuss how this is a common experience due to the expectations and pressures we put on ourselves after the holiday season. The transition from setting big goals and visions to actually taking action and implementing them can be challenging. Entrepreneurs and business owners, in particular, may struggle with strategic planning and finding clarity. Lisa highlights the role of intuition in helping us gain clarity and minimize the struggles we face in achieving our goals. 


Chapter 2: Lisa's Journey into Reiki 

To truly understand the power of Reiki and its impact on personal growth, Lisa shares her own personal journey. She started her career working for a foundation that supported children who were critically ill. Witnessing the difficulties and hardships faced by these children and their families led Lisa to question why such injustices occur. She had a basic belief that being good and doing good would make life easier, but the reality shattered this worldview. After experiencing burnout, Lisa stumbled upon Reiki and experienced a profound shift in perspective and healing. This led her to dive deeper into her spiritual journey, eventually becoming a Reiki master and teacher. 


Chapter 3: Embracing Intuition and Self-Love 

In this chapter, Lisa and I discuss the importance of embracing our intuition and self-love. Lisa highlights how our sensitivity and empathy, often considered curses in society, are actually gifts that allow us to amplify and feel love deeply. By recognizing that we are not our thoughts and that our minds can work for us instead of against us, we can unlock a sense of freedom. Lisa shares her own journey of transitioning from being hard on herself to becoming a kinder and more compassionate person. We learn that tapping into our intuition and spiritual wisdom can revolutionize our lives. 


Chapter 4: Trusting Your Intuition 

Trusting our intuition can be challenging in a society that values logic and analytical thinking above all else. Lisa emphasizes the role of imagination in connecting with our spiritual selves and guides. She encourages listeners to question the programming we've received that dismisses imagination as unreal or unimportant. Lisa highlights the importance of internal communication and developing a relationship with our spirit guides. By seeking guidance from within, we can access solutions and wisdom unique to ourselves, rather than relying on external opinions and perspectives. 


Chapter 5: Making Sustainable Changes 

As we wrap up our conversation, Lisa offers practical advice on beginning the journey of self-discovery and personal growth. She encourages listeners to slow down, embrace Reiki as a tool for self-healing, and practice acts of kindness towards themselves and others. Lisa's intuitive Reiki training is available online, allowing individuals from anywhere in the world to embark on this transformative journey. She also emphasizes the value of community support and having like-minded individuals who can offer guidance and assistance along the way. 



In a world that often encourages hustle and constant productivity, it's important to remember the power of slowing down, connecting with our intuition, and embracing self-love. Lisa Brandis has truly paved the way as a trailblazer in the realm of energy healing, and her work with intuitive Reiki is transforming lives worldwide. By incorporating Reiki into our lives, we can tap into our inherent wisdom, find clarity, and experience personal growth and well-being. So let's embrace the transformative power of Reiki and start crushing our bold goals with love and vitality. 

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