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EP 225 Are you building a business you love or dread?

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Feb 18, 2024


Welcome to the bold goal crusher podcast, where we help you stop letting life get in the way and start crushing bold goals. In this episode, we dive into the topic of building a business and whether it's one that you love or one that you dread. As your host, Sara Mayer, I'll guide you through the key considerations and reflections needed to ensure that the business you're building aligns with your goals, values, and aspirations. 



I. Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Dream 

   - Many of us have reached a point in our lives where we evaluate our current nine-to-five jobs or career paths and realize that they don't align with our dreams. Dreaming of a different life and wanting to start a business is a common goal. 

   - Whether you aspire to escape the corporate world, dislike your current work situation, or simply want more financial freedom, building a business is an opportunity to create a life you desire. 

   - It's essential to be intentional about what you're building before diving into entrepreneurship. Many people make the mistake of leaving their nine-to-five jobs only to create businesses that they don't love. 


II. Building a Business You Love 

   - If you've already started your business, ensure that it's one you truly love. Leaving your job to find freedom and create something of your own should align with building a business that brings you joy and fulfillment. 

   - It's not uncommon for entrepreneurs to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of their businesses and lose sight of why they started in the first place. Take the time to assess whether your business still aligns with your values and original purpose. 

   - If you find that you've strayed away from your why, it's time to critically examine your business and make the necessary adjustments to steer it back towards your initial goals. 


III. Starting on the Right Foundation 

   - If you're just starting to build your business or in the early stages, it's essential to lay the right foundation. Think about your business from a personal perspective and consider why you got into entrepreneurship. 

   - Identify your motivations, such as wanting more financial stability, greater flexibility to spend time with family, or pursuing your passion. Your business should align with these needs and goals. 

   - Avoid starting a business just to have another hobby. Building a business requires strategic thinking and the intention to make money while making a positive impact. 


IV. The Power of Reflection in Business 

   - Reflection plays a crucial role in ensuring that your business stays on the right track. Set aside time each week for introspection and assess how well you're progressing towards your goals. 

   - Use a weekly reflection practice to review your achievements, evaluate your communications, monitor your financials, and assess how well you're maintaining work-life balance. 

   - By reflecting regularly, you gain clarity, maintain alignment with your goals, and become more productive and focused in your work. Use it as an opportunity to learn from mistakes and make informed decisions. 


V. The Weekly Reflection Guide 

   - For business owners, a weekly reflection guide can be a valuable tool. Consider questions like: 

     - What were your major achievements or successes this week? 

     - How did you communicate with your team, colleagues, or clients? Were there any conflicts that need addressing? 

     - Did you uphold your values and integrity in your decisions? 

     - How did you manage your finances? Were there any unexpected expenses? 

     - Did you engage with your customers and clients? Did you embrace their experience? 

     - Did you delegate tasks appropriately? Or did you try to do everything yourself? 

     - Did you maintain a healthy work-life balance? What adjustments can you make to improve it? 

     - What are your top priorities for the upcoming week? What specific actions can you take to achieve them? 



Building a business you love is a journey that requires self-reflection, alignment with your goals, and constant adjustment. Whether you're already on this path or considering taking the leap, make sure that your business fits your needs, values, and aspirations. Regular reflection and assessment will help you stay on track and ensure that your business continues to bring you joy and fulfillment. Remember, you can crush all your goals without working double time. It's time to make your business work for you. 


Thank you for tuning into the bold goal crusher podcast, where we support you in crushing your goals and overcoming obstacles along the way. Join our community of ambitious entrepreneurs who are determined to create lives they love through bold goal setting and achievement. Together, let's make this year the year of success and fulfillment. 


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