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EP 230 Taking the Leap Into Building a Business with Guest Sabine Matharu

bold goal crusher podcast business owner podcast Mar 07, 2024

Taking the Leap Into Building a Business: Insights from Sara Mayer and Sabine Matharu


Starting a business can be an exhilarating yet challenging journey. It requires courage, determination, and a solid mindset to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. In a recent episode of the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast, host Sara Mayer sat down with guest Sabine Matharu to discuss the importance of taking the leap into building a business. 

Embracing Bold Goals with Sara Mayer 

Sara Mayer, the host of the podcast, emphasized the significance of crushing bold goals without having to work double time. She shared her enthusiasm for helping individuals overcome obstacles and start boldly achieving their dreams. With a background in coaching and leadership, Sara's passion for guiding others on their entrepreneurial journey shone through in her conversation with Sabine. 

Sabine Matharu: A Leader in Business Coaching 

Sabine Matharu, the guest on the show, brought a wealth of experience in working with female coaches, course creators, consultants, and therapists. With over a decade of experience in coaching leaders and creating impactful training programs, Sabine emphasized the importance of mindset and strategy when venturing into entrepreneurship. 

Insights from the Conversation 

The conversation between Sara and Sabine delved into various aspects of starting and growing a business. Sabine shared her personal journey of transitioning from a senior manager in corporate to running her own successful business. She highlighted the importance of having a clear vision, seeking support, and avoiding the pitfalls of perfectionism and procrastination. 

Overcoming Obstacles in Entrepreneurship 

Both Sara and Sabine emphasized the need for a strong mindset, continuous self-belief, and strategic planning when diving into entrepreneurship. They discussed the challenges faced by aspiring business owners, including the temptation to compare oneself to others on social media and the importance of staying true to one's vision. 

Finding Balance in the Journey 

The conversation also touched upon the concept of work-life balance and the myth surrounding it. Sara and Sabine shared insights on how entrepreneurs can navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business while prioritizing their personal well-being and maintaining a healthy mindset. 

Taking Action and Building Connections 

As the discussion came to a close, Sara and Sabine encouraged listeners to take action, embrace the journey of entrepreneurship, and seek out valuable resources for support. With a strong focus on goal setting, mindset development, and connection building, the conversation served as a motivating reminder for aspiring entrepreneurs to stay committed to their dreams. 

Connect with Sara Mayer and Sabine Matharu 

For those looking to embark on their entrepreneurial journey or seeking guidance and support in scaling their business, Sara Mayer and Sabine Matharu offer a wealth of resources and insights. Whether it's clarifying your messaging, dialing in your target audience, or automating processes for efficiency, their expertise can serve as a guiding light in your entrepreneurial endeavors. 

In conclusion, taking the leap into building a business requires a combination of vision, mindset, strategy, and continuous learning. By embracing bold goals, staying focused on the journey, and cultivating a supportive network, aspiring entrepreneurs can pave the way for success in the ever-evolving world of business. 



The blog post encapsulates the insightful conversation between Sara Mayer and Sabine Matharu, offering valuable lessons and inspiration for individuals embarking on their entrepreneurial path. 



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