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EP 232 Building a High Performance Culture in your Business with Guest Lisa Small

bold goal crusher podcast podcast Mar 14, 2024

Unlocking Success: Building a High-Performance Culture in Your Business 


In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, the key to achieving bold goals lies in building a high-performance culture within your business. In a recent episode of the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast, host Sara Mayer delves into the intricacies of creating a thriving work environment with guest Lisa Small, a seasoned consultant in team development and high-performance strategies. 


Building a Foundation for Success 


When it comes to achieving your boldest goals, simply working harder is not the answer. Lisa Small emphasizes the importance of intention-oriented actions and increased behavioral awareness in reaching peak performance. As the Chief Revenue Officer at Habitual Growth and CEO of Lisa Small Consulting, she is dedicated to the mission of impacting 5 million lives by 2027 through building high-performance teams and instilling core discipline across company cultures. 


The Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship 


Many aspiring entrepreneurs come from corporate backgrounds, seeking more fulfillment and autonomy in their professional journeys. Lisa Small highlights the challenges of transitioning from a structured corporate environment to the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship. She shares her own rocky journey of discovering the necessity of personal accountability, intentionality, and system-building as a business owner. 


Setting Meaningful Goals 


Goal-setting is a critical aspect of driving business success. However, Lisa and Sara caution against setting arbitrary or unrealistic goals without a clear roadmap. They discuss the importance of defining key indicators, tracking progress, and adjusting strategies based on results. By breaking down goals into actionable steps and focusing on needle movers, entrepreneurs can steer their businesses towards sustainable growth. 


Nurturing a Dynamic Team 


A high-performance culture thrives on the strength of its team members. Lisa Small emphasizes the value of hiring individuals with multifaceted skills and aligning them with the company's core values. By investing in employee development, building trust, and providing opportunities for growth, business owners can create a loyal and motivated team committed to achieving collective goals. 


Embracing Accountability and Growth 


One of the toughest challenges in leadership is holding both oneself and team members accountable. Lisa and Sara stress the importance of fostering open communication, addressing fears and concerns, and guiding individuals towards their full potential. By encouraging personal and professional growth, entrepreneurs can cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and success. 


Connect with Lisa Small 


Are you ready to unlock your business's full potential and build a high-performance culture? Connect with Lisa Small at or on Instagram @thereallisasmall. Lisa offers personalized consultations and solutions to help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of business growth and development. 


As you embark on your journey towards bold goal-crushing, remember that success is not a solo endeavor. By fostering a culture of intention, accountability, and growth, you can lead your business towards unparalleled achievements. Stay tuned for more insights and strategies on the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast, where we empower entrepreneurs to conquer their goals and embrace success. 



This blog post encapsulates the key takeaways from the conversation between Sara Mayer and Lisa Small, focusing on the essential elements of building a high-performance culture in business.  

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