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Ep 248 Creating your Company Culture with Stephanie Angelo

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast May 09, 2024

Welcome to the Bold Goal Crusher podcast, where we empower individuals to stop letting life obstacles hinder their progress and start crushing their ambitious goals. In this episode, host Sara Mayer engages in a compelling conversation with Stephanie Angelo, a visionary in creating thriving company cultures and accomplishing bold goals. 

Unveiling Stephanie Angelo's Journey 

Stephanie is a force in building organizations that defy the odds of stagnation and thrive on innovative culture. With a background in professional speaking and a passion for goal achievement, Stephanie brings a unique perspective to the table. Through her invented board game, "Company Culture: A Game of Workplace Traction," Stephanie revolutionizes workshops and consultations on company culture. 

A Deep Dive into the Accredited Speaker Designation Journey 

Stephanie recounts her challenging pursuit of the prestigious Toastmasters International accredited speaker designation. She sheds light on the rigorous criteria and dedication required to achieve this recognition. From navigating speaking engagements to mastering the art of presentation, Stephanie's journey exemplifies dedication and resilience in the face of challenges. 

Building a Thriving Company Culture: Tips from Stephanie 

Stephanie emphasizes the importance of aligning personal values with organizational culture. By creating a strong foundation based on core values and fostering open dialogue within teams, entrepreneurs can cultivate a positive and engaging work environment. Stephanie's expertise in addressing workplace dynamics equips individuals with the tools to navigate and enhance company culture effectively. 

Transformative Goal Setting: From Vision to Reality 

Stephanie's journey encapsulates the essence of transformative goal setting. By embracing challenges, adapting to evolving circumstances, and staying committed to the vision, Stephanie exemplifies how goals can morph and expand over time. From creating a board game to licensing facilitators, Stephanie's approach underscores the power of persistence and innovation in goal achievement. 

Embracing Change and Slaying Stagnation 

Stephanie's philosophy of 'slaying the villain of stagnation' resonates with individuals seeking growth and evolution. By challenging comfort zones, embracing change, and staying resilient in the face of obstacles, Stephanie embodies the spirit of transformation and progress. Her journey serves as a testament to the impact of proactive change and continuous improvement in both personal and professional spheres. 

Connect with Stephanie Angelo 

For individuals inspired to embark on a journey of goal crushing and culture building, Stephanie Angelo offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Connect with Stephanie through her website []( or explore the innovative Company Culture Game at []( Engage with Stephanie on LinkedIn and other social platforms to delve deeper into the realm of impactful company culture and bold goal achievement. 

In conclusion, Stephanie Angelo's story is a testament to the transformative power of setting bold goals, embracing change, and cultivating thriving company cultures. Through her insights and experiences, Stephanie inspires individuals to navigate challenges, slay stagnation, and unlock their full potential in both professional and personal endeavors. 



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