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EP 252 You don't have to run from change with guest Amy Yackowski

bold goal crusher podcast podcast May 23, 2024

Welcome to our latest blog post, inspired by the captivating episode 252 of the Bold Goal Crusher podcast featuring Amy Yackowski. This episode dives deep into the concept of change - a word that often elicits mixed feelings. While change is inevitable and can lead to personal growth and new opportunities, it can also be daunting and uncomfortable. 

Amy Yackowski, the founder and chief evolution officer of Painted Porch Strategies, discusses the untapped potential and opportunity in embracing change. With over 18 years of experience, Amy emphasizes the importance of authenticity, resilience, and purpose in navigating life's transitions. 

Change is a multifaceted experience. While some changes are eagerly anticipated, others, especially unplanned or unwanted ones, can be challenging. Yackowski points out that our reactions to change are influenced by our past experiences, fears, and the magnitude of the change itself. 

One of the core fundamentals of managing change effectively is emotional intelligence. By understanding our own emotions and the emotions of others, we can navigate the complexities of change more smoothly and emerge stronger on the other side. 

Resilience, the ability to recover from difficulties, plays a crucial role in adapting to change. Yackowski encourages listeners to break down their goals into manageable steps, fostering resilience and making the process of change less overwhelming. 

Amy and Sara discuss strategies for embracing change, including getting clear on the 'why' behind the change, preparing for potential obstacles, and leveraging personal strengths. These strategies provide a roadmap for personal and professional growth amidst change. 

Change, though challenging, is an opportunity for growth and development. By understanding our responses to change, leveraging emotional intelligence and resilience, and applying strategic approaches, we can navigate transitions more effectively. Let this conversation with Amy Yackowski inspire you to embrace the changes in your life with confidence and purpose. 



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