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EP 256 Want More? Finding your path to financial freedom with guest Chris Brown

bold goal crusher podcast podcast Jun 06, 2024

Finding Your Path to Financial Freedom: Insights from Chris Brown 


Welcome to another enriching episode of the Bold Goal Crusher podcast! Hosted by Sara Mayer, this episode delves into the inspiring journey of Chris Brown, a seasoned real estate investor and advocate for financial freedom. With his wealth of experience and passion for helping others achieve financial independence, Chris offers invaluable insights into building a life of abundance without the constraints of debt. 

The Journey Begins: From Debt to Financial Freedom 

Chris Brown's story is a testament to perseverance and a desire for change. He kickstarted his financial freedom journey in 2004, just after graduating from college. Like many, he was burdened with debt – from student loans to car payments. It wasn’t an easy start; he and his wife began their married life with financial struggles, living paycheck to paycheck and even joining a country club they could not afford. This lifestyle of accumulating debt prompted Chris to seek a way out, a journey that eventually led him to write his book, "The Debt-Free Diet," and make his first real estate investment. 

The Billboard Breakthrough 

Chris's foray into passive income began unexpectedly with a run-down billboard he noticed while driving. Seizing the opportunity, he contacted the owner and bought the billboard, marking the start of his profitable venture into outdoor advertising. This initial investment led to the development of a substantial portfolio of billboards that continue to generate passive income today. 

Chris emphasizes that the journey to financial freedom often starts with a seemingly mundane observation or a small step. For him, it was a decaying billboard that turned into a lucrative business. 

The Importance of Mindset 

One of the key takeaways from Chris’s story is the importance of mindset in achieving financial freedom. He insists that the journey begins with a mental shift – from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. This involves believing in the possibility of financial freedom and making sacrifices to achieve it, even if it means being different from those around you. 

"It’s crucial to become the person you want to be in the future," Chris says. This involves changing your thoughts, habits, and actions to align with your financial goals. 

Achieving Financial Independence 

Chris breaks down the steps to achieving financial independence into simple, actionable advice: 

  1. Inventory: Take stock of your current financial situation. Know where you stand, including your debts and income. 
  2. Vision: Develop a clear vision of where you want to be. This isn't just about having money but about the kind of life you want to live. 
  3. Plan: Create a realistic plan that includes eliminating debt, budgeting, and investing. 
  4. Execution: Stick to the plan consistently. Understand that financial freedom is a gradual process that requires perseverance and discipline. 

Breaking the Generational Cycle 

Chris also touches on the importance of breaking negative financial cycles within families. Many people grow up with the mindset that they will always be in debt because their parents were. Chris challenges this notion by encouraging individuals to pursue financial education and build wealth for themselves and their future generations. 

The Freedom of Giving 

Another profound aspect of Chris’s financial philosophy is his belief in generosity. He underscores the importance of giving, not just when you're wealthy but as a part of your financial journey. "Giving helps you become a giver," he says. It fosters a mindset of abundance and gratitude, which are crucial components of financial success. 

Defining Wealth 

For Chris, wealth is not merely about having a large bank balance. It's about having the freedom to choose how you spend your time. It’s the ability to quit your 9-to-5 job and spend more time with family or pursue passions without worrying about financial constraints. His definition of wealth emphasizes time and freedom over material possessions. 

Building Passive Income 

Chris delves into various means of building passive income, from real estate investments to his unique niche in billboards. He highlights that there's no one-size-fits-all approach – each person should find what works best for their skills, interests, and financial situation. For him, billboards have proven to be a highly effective means of generating continuous, passive income. 

The Role of Coaches and Mentors 

Towards the end of the podcast, Chris shares a thought-provoking story about a hummingbird stuck in his barn. The hummingbird’s struggle to find its way out parallels the experience of many individuals stuck in financial ruts. Chris likens the role of a coach or mentor to that of a guide who helps you see different paths and perspectives, ultimately leading you to freedom. 

Get Started on Your Journey 

If you’re inspired by Chris’s journey and insights, you can start your path to financial freedom today. Chris offers resources and mentorship at, including a free guide to building passive income through billboards. Connect with him and explore how you can transform your financial future. 


Chris Brown’s story is a powerful reminder that financial freedom is within reach for anyone willing to make the necessary mindset shifts and take consistent action. By sharing his journey and strategies, Chris not only inspires but equips us with the tools needed to crush our financial goals and build a life of freedom and abundance. 

So, Bold Goal Crushers, it’s time to get out there and start paving your path to financial freedom. Remember, you don’t need to work double time to achieve your dreams – you just need the right mindset, a solid plan, and the willingness to take action. Let’s get to it! 



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