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EP 257 End of the Quarter: Are your goals on track?

bold goal crusher podcast podcast Jun 10, 2024

Title: EP 257 End of the Quarter: Are Your Goals on Track?


Welcome to the Bold Goal Crusher podcast, where we empower you to stop letting life get in the way and start crushing bold goals. I'm your host, Sara Mayer, and I'm thrilled to navigate this journey with you. It's time to start boldly achieving without working double time. So let's dive in! 

Take Stock of Your Progress

Hello Bold Goal Crushers! We are almost at the end of this quarter. I know that many of you are on track to achieve your goals. But some of you might be reflecting on the first half of the year and feeling like you haven't accomplished enough or made as much progress as you’d hoped. 

You might be thinking back to the dreams you had at the beginning of the year—perhaps you’ve moved forward but it doesn’t look the way you wanted it to, or you made great progress but fell off track and are trying to get back on, or maybe you’re exactly where you need to be. 

 Where Are You At?

Many times, mid-year is a moment for self-reflection. Where am I at? Where are you at? It's crucial to step back and revisit your original goals, not just for this year but for the future. 

Remember, the big bold goals you aim to achieve typically can't be accomplished in a week or even a month. If you’re watching me on YouTube, you know I use the Clever Fox planner to map out my goals. Truly bold goals often take more than a year to accomplish. As we approach the end of the first half of the year, it’s essential to review what you set out to achieve. 

Reflect and Adjust

If you didn’t set any goals at the start of the year, what needs to change for you? And if you did, it's time to evaluate what’s working and what’s not. What needs to be thrown out, and what needs more effort? Life will always be busy, so carving out time to focus on your dreams and goals is crucial. 

Think about how you can schedule 30 minutes to an hour each week dedicated to your goals. It's also important to give yourself grace. Seasonal busyness is real—whether it’s winter or summer, there are always busy periods. If you haven’t made the progress you wanted, it might be because you’re in one of these busy seasons. 

Embrace the Mind Shift

For some of you, achieving your goals will require a mind shift. You might need to engage in weekly reflection, and that’s okay. No matter where you are, you can always get back on track. 

Bold Goal Crushers, take the time today to sit down and reflect. If you haven’t already, check out my [weekly reflection worksheet]( It’s a great resource to keep your goals at the forefront. Visit and click on “Free Tools and Resources” at the top. 


I'm so excited to help you achieve your goals. Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come in the first six months. We'll discuss how to ensure that you stay on track or continue on the right path for the next six months. Take stock of your progress, see where you are, and let's crush not only the next few weeks but the rest of the year. 




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