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How COVID forced me to reimagine my side hustle… and made it my full-time business…

business update Nov 30, 2020

How COVID forced me to reimagine my side hustle… and made it my full-time business…

I had my dream job, or so I thought, working for a non-profit that I had a personal connection to. It started 20 years ago when I lost my brother to Leukemia. I became a volunteer, was passionate about the mission, and was in it for the long haul. Then I moved into working for the non-profit.

Most of my career has been spent in Operations, crushing goals, and eating problems for lunchI love it when there are “unsolvable” problems presented to me, challenge accepted! Over the years I had a little side hustle, well it was not little, I impacted so many lives and tackled tough business problems, but it was not my full-time gig. It was something I did when I had time, or when someone needed me.  My clients have given me RAVE reviews, and some begged me to do this full-time. The thought of walking away from my “dream job” seemed like a silly thought. I was comfortable, I liked what I was doing. Let us be real, there were lots of problems to solve and I loved that.

Then things got easy, my job was not as challenging, and I got restless. I had the idea of taking my in-person workshop online. It always sold out, it was well-received, and this would allow me to impact more people. I started the online project, then COVID hit.

Like many, I thought I just needed to buckle down for a couple of weeks and it would blow over, I was wrong. My clients were FREAKING out, totally understandably. I jumped in, helping them navigate the stressful business situations. I helped them crush their goals and eat problems for lunch EVEN during a pandemic. They were doing well, and I was loving every minute of their success.

As the pandemic dragged on, it was announced at my job that there would be layoffs coming.  In July, I found out I was on the list, my “dream job” was ending July 31st. At that moment, it dawned on me. While I enjoyed the work I was doing, my dream was NOT having a JOB.

My dream has always been to have my own business helping others set and achieve their BOLD Goals and crushing problems.

I was always good at expanding on other people’s ideas to help them achieve big things. After I thought about it, this was my business. So, I ditched the idea of a JOB, sorry mom, and reimagined my business. I would launch my online course and build my client base.  I started with a call to my network. I put it out there I was looking for a job or projects/clients to work with.

The responses flooded in; people wanted to work with me. They wanted help in tackling their problems and achieving their goals.

I enrolled in a coaching program to jumpstart the process. Then I added another consulting program to help me focus on my goals, one from someone I have watched for 5 years. Seeking advice and having someone to hold me accountable is something that works for me, you should try it (I do this as part of my business, hint hint).

As I jumped in, I realized that even during a pandemic we could achieve if we reimagine our goals. The goals may be different the work may need to shift but it did not mean goals needed to be put on hold till New Years'. It has not been easy “re-launching” a business during 2020, but it has been totally worth it!

Here I am in 2020, jobless, pursuing my dream of helping others achieve their BOLD Goals and crushing their problems. It brings me such joy to see people setting goals and moving forward each week closer to their goals.

 What am I doing exactly?

Building a community filled with those with BOLD Goals and helping them crush them, and everything that gets in the way. It could be a goal to launch a business, lose weight, get a promotion, write a book, or have more balance. Anything really if it is BIG and BOLD. I help people achieve personal and business goals without working double-time through individual and group coaching.

Get plugged in!

My new website is live, and I am thrilled to invite you to check it out!!! Visit my website.

 I invite you to check out my free Facebook Community, Bold Goals Crushers. We support each other as we work towards achieving our BOLD Goals. If you have a goal, you belong here!

Reimaging your goals in your business and life is not easy but is often necessary. The result of this process may surprise us. It did me, I am thrilled to be doing my dream work!! If you want help to reimagine your goals, let's connect. Now let us crush these goals!



Sara Mayer



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