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It starts with a vision and a dream

It Starts With A Vision And A Dream

goals productivity Mar 06, 2023

Goals are incredibly important to success. Most of us realize that reaching a goal is an achievement worthy of pride and even praise. What you may not know is that goals that exists in a vacuum aren’t likely to lead to the kind of success and satisfaction that is substantial and long-lasting. That’s because a goal by itself is lacking a reason for its existence. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “Know your ‘why’.” Your “why” is your reason for pursuing a certain activity or objective.

Having a vision or a why is actually quite crucial to efficient goal setting. Simply reaching a series of unrelated targets might be satisfying in the short-term, but it rarely leads to the overall types of life impacts we’re talking about in this book. I want you to dream big, to actually consider what you want your life to be like and to visualize what that entails. When you’re able to do that, you will be far more able to set relevant, purposeful intentions.

Believe it or not, setting objectives without attaching them to an overarching concept can actually be demotivating. Reaching goals that have little or limited relevance to your life’s purpose can actually cause frustration in the long run. You may begin to wonder what you’re really gaining from your work, dedication and time when accomplishing a set mark doesn’t seem to have taken you anywhere or gotten you anything of significance.

That’s not to diminish the usefulness of goals. As I mentioned, they are an absolutely necessary part of fulfilling your vision. Remember, your vision is your life’s purpose. It’s your passion, your values and your inspiration. Your vision is your why. As you’ll soon discover throughout this report, having a vision is what helps to motivate your throughout the hard times. Referring back to those essential ingredients in your life’s purpose is a powerful way to assist you in pushing past obstacles to get back on track and, ultimately, reach the destination that is your vision.

Let’s move on to further examine just what the concept of vision entails. I’ll explain to you the difference between a vision and a goal. We’ll also explore the role that having goals plays in arriving at your larger destination. Incorporating this new view into your lifestyle is a process. We’ll break down the pieces so that you can easily begin to add them into your overall life plan that will soon have you feeling inspired and capable of seeing your dreams become a reality.

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