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Journaling To Practice Mindfulness

goals habits journal May 13, 2024

Our world is overrun with things that just don’t matter in the greater scheme of things. We are overwhelmed by lives that cause us to wear out and forget to stay in the moment and in gratitude. Journaling can help us be intentional and stay grounded and focused on what matters most to us.  

Have you ever driven somewhere taking the same path you have gone for years? Have you parked your car and realized that you don’t even remember taking the trip? Life is so busy sometimes that autopilot is the norm.  

Let’s look at some of the dangers of not being mindful: 

Becoming too sensitive- One of the traits that develops when we are not self-aware is becoming overly sensitive to criticism.  

Becoming cynical- Being bombarded by negative information and not taking time to see what’s right in the world can cause cynicism and a mindset that nothing is beautiful or pure.  

Becoming a martyr- Being unable to focus on self-care or mindful of how you are engaging people you love is a dangerous spot to be in.  

Physical issues- Disease is oftentimes a byproduct of an unhealthy mind and the subsequent choices made due to our disconnect.  

Journaling can open up the mind and restore peace and hope 

Whatever we give attention to, grows. Attention is important because it focuses our energy one way. Being mindful brings attention and awareness to the focus you have. Choosing to let go of what is wrong and look for what is right counteracts the negative things vying for our attention. Being purposeful about your thought content changes your mind, your body, and your outcomes.  

Journaling about positive things is easy. No matter how many negative things you see, you can’t deny the things that you love. You may have been late for work, but the salad you had for lunch was exceptional today. When you sit down to journal think about the things that you love and that are working and let it flow from there.  

Thinking it’s too hard to think of positive things to journal? Try this exercise: 

Sit in your favorite spot with your favorite journaling tools. Ask yourself to describe three things that were amazing about your day.  

My latte was the perfect temperature and the barista said I looked nice in my new outfit.  

The kids were happy about their day at school 

My husband helped me clean up after dinner 

Now ask yourself what else was awesome? Continue to ask yourself what else was awesome until you feel you are complete. Do this each day until it is an easy habit. By this time you will have discovered being mindful is an easier habit and you can add to or change up your mindfulness journaling.  



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