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The Difference Between Vision and Goals

goals productivity Mar 14, 2023

I want to delve a little deeper into just what a vision is, why you need one and how it differs from a goal. Vision is what gives your goals direction. It’s the clear picture of what you want your future to be. Let me repeat that, with emphasis on the word “clear.” A vision is the clear picture of what you want your future to be. I’ll show you in our next chapter how to be sure your vision is clear. For now, I want to make sure the concept of vision is completely understood.

In determining what you want your future to be, you’re actually defining your life’s purpose. This may seem like something too large or overwhelming to think about right now, but I assure you it’s integral to achieving the kinds of lofty goals and big dreams you truly desire. No one wants to feel they’ve settled in life. Having a vision will take you to a place in which you feel confident that you’re not limiting yourself or settling.

While goals should be incredibly specific, a life’s vision can be broader. Your vision can simply be a picture of the type of job you hope to have in ten years, along with the kind of home in which your live and its location. You may wish to consider your relationship and family status if you’re currently un-partnered. Perhaps you’ll add other elements such as hobbies and community activities. Notice that these items aren’t rigid in terms of the exact position you will hold and in what company, the geographic location and specific color of house you desire or the number of children you will have.

In fact, your vision can be as simple as the desire to lead a healthy life, filled with love and one in which you are financially comfortable. A vision doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed to be effective... It does, however, need to be clear. For example, knowing the type of job you’d like to have and the sorts of activities you hope to perform in that gig might be enough to give you insight into the education and skills you’ll need to develop. Those two specific items can then be added to your list of goals.

This brings us to the topic of goals. Can you now see how goals are actually smaller parts of your vision? They’re what you declare you will need to accomplish to attain that greater dream of yours. Goals are not less important than the overall vision itself. However, they really can’t be efficient or useful without an overarching purpose. Your vision is that purpose. It’s the reason behind all of the goals you set.

So now you can see that a vision is the framework that goals fit within. It is the catalyst that drives your goals. Your vision is your why. Goals are the pieces that fit into the larger puzzle that is your vision. Each goal fulfilled brings you one step closer to your purpose and the life you dream of living. Let’s move on, and I’ll show you concrete ways to create a clear vision to help guide you along your path.




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