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Creating a Vision Board that Works

new year vision board Jan 01, 2021

Begin your year-end discovery process by downloading my year-end reflection worksheet.

Find a quiet corner and sit with your thoughts for a minute before you even pick up one magazine, I see you, put the magazine down. Why?

Many times, the reason new year’s resolutions and vision boards don’t work is that they are not really what is important to us. We flip through magazines and pick pretty photos, but those are not truly what we desire.

Other times, we set goals but do not achieve them. You see we tend to make our goals “realistic and measurable” we put them in a box and shrink them down, into something we truly do not desire.  We only have one year to achieve them, we think.

Let’s toss out all the rules and dream big.

Scroll back up, grab the worksheet, take some time to dream up what you really want, with no restrictions. Then come back to this.

Let’s jump in and get prepared for creating the board. You need to make one key decision, virtual or physical board.

If you are doing a physical board you need

-              Paper

-              Magazines or a printer for photos

-              Scissors

-              Glue

If you are doing a digital board you need:

-              A blank word document

-              OR Canva 

-              Access to Images click here for access to free images.

Find specific images and phrases that tie to your reflection worksheet and the goal or theme you set. Be intentional, this is your vision, your future. 

Once you have a finished product, post it everywhere. You can even post it in my free Facebook Group!

Review it regularly, track your progress, and celebrate your wins! 




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