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Visualization Exercises Can Help You Reach Those Lofty Goals

goals productivity resolutions Jan 20, 2024

Visualization is a powerful tool that can help lead you to serious changes in your life. You may not be aware of this practice as a means of increasing motivation. Perhaps it seems like some sort of personal development trend or new age woo, but this process has actually been around for centuries and has been shown to be effective through science. Keep reading to learn more about how visualization exercises can help you reach those lofty goals. 

About Visualization Exercises 

Visualization is merely using mental pictures to imagine yourself in a situation where you are living your dreams. Instead of focusing your mind on all the challenges that face you as you pursue a particular objective; you take time to picture yourself actually winning at that pursuit. This type of mental exercise has been used by people in various professions to help them excel past the average and onto stellar accomplishments reserved for only the best of the best. It's common in such fields as athletics, business and entertainment. You may be familiar with stories of how Muhammad Ali would picture himself knocking out his opponent prior to each fight to go onto a major win. Michael Jordan is another athlete known to use this technique by seeing the shot he wanted to take before swishing the ball into the basket.  

Why It Works 

Neurological and physiological functions are stimulated when you picture yourself in a particular situation or performing a certain act. These are the same functions that are engaged when you actually perform these actions, thus you will receive much the same results over time. The reason it works is because neural patterns are created in your brain and are strengthened each time you perform a visualization. In addition, thinking about an event or action stimulates your nervous system very much as actually doing that thing would. These patterns are then recognized and established within your body and brain's functioning over time.  

How to Use Visualization 

The key to making visualization exercises work is to reinforce them with repetition. That means you must practice them regularly in order to establish the patterns we've discussed. Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and begin to think about a specific situation you'd like to manifest in your life. You want this scene to be as accurate and detailed as possible, so you may wish to take some notes ahead of time. Consider the physical setting, the smells, the people who are there, the feelings that arise, and the reason you want this scenario to play out. Let the events play out in your mind as far as you'd like them to go. Allow your scene to occur until you feel content with its outcome. Make time daily for your visual practice so that it becomes a habit.  

Visualization truly is a tool that can benefit you in ways you never considered. Give it a try to see the results for yourself, and be patient as you learn to embrace this new practice in your life.  

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